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2019 Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young (Rose of Touriga Nacional Petilliant Naturel)

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First things first: THIS WINE IS NOT DISGORGED, THEREFORE IT WILL BE CLOUDY UPON OPENING. But fear not, it is a totally tame beast and will not explode in your face upon opening any more than your favorite beer would (so if you insist on shaking it first, well....)

These are bubbles meant for the porch. These are bubbles meant for the picnic basket. These are bubbles meant for drinking straight out of the bottle.  The 2019 Touriga Pet Nat, starts to tell us a bit about the vintage, with the lighter color it is certainly a bit more shy than its sibling from last year, that said, it still packs a ton of the hallmark peach, Flinstone pushup pop characters we have come to expect in this variety as a pet nat. 

 Again, only so much is made, so once it's gone... it's gone!


Varieties: 100% Touriga Nacional

Vineyard: Robert Clay Vineyards

11.5% Alcohol

112 cases produced