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Humanity Wins.

In 2015, we were subject to shuttering our business, which lasted on and off until 2017. During that time we did whatever we could to keep the lights on, including continuing our farming and winemaking operations using whatever resources were made available to us, including friends and competitors. We made these two wines not knowing if they’d ever even be released by us, let alone where we’d be by the time we finally released them. A lot has happened since then. We were fortunate to thread the needle and move our entire operation here to the Texas Hill Country, but even with that move our success wasn’t guaranteed. We were a strange little operation in a very young region, an unknown to most; looking back at the time, there was every reason that this whole thing should fail. Yet it was the restaurants, the wine bars, both old and new friends, here in Texas, in New York, in California and many other places that took a chance on a newly (re)formed Texas winery. Some having not even tried the finished product, put in orders. Their support kept us afloat as we opened ourselves up and found our footing in our new home. 

Now it’s time for us to pay that all back. We know what it’s like to not know what tomorrow will bring, to be stuck at home unable to move anything forward, to only plan a million plans based on what ifs. 
These wines were ultimately lost in the shuffle in our transition to becoming a Texas winery. Never truly having a home or place in our current lineups, they’ve never really had their due. It’s sad because we are proud of these wines, but in the end they represent the past, which we’re now ready to move forward from. So it makes sense to us that we would ask you to help us move forward by buying these wines and that we may help our friends in the hospitality industry comeback stronger than ever. 
90% of all revenue from each of these bottles to us will be going to Restaurant Workers Community Foundation to help ensure those in the hospitality  business that we relied on have the help they need to continue on. 
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