2015 Love Habit (Farrm Cabernet Franc)

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Much like 2013, the 2015 Cabernet Franc is already showing breadth, yet similar to 2014 this wine is also light on its feet. From the outset we have been pushing the envelope on pick days, going earlier and earlier, 2015 was no exception. While it was a very warm vintage, picking Cabernet Franc at the end of September is pretty much unheard of, at least it was. Again the reasoning behind this is honing in on the energy that the variety can bring when you pick at a reasonable time and stay out of its way.

Appellation: North Fork, Long Island

The Farrm Vineyard

Varietal: Cabernet Franc

Harvested: September 27th, 2015

Fermentations: wild yeast & bacteria

Pressed October 4th, 2015

18ppm SO2 at bottling

249 cases

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