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Visit FAQ

Do we need a reservation to visit?

Yes, reservations are required for all experiences at this time. Wine pick ups and bottle sales are only allowed during open hours, but do not need a reservation.  


Do you offer outdoor seating?

Yes, most of our tables are outside at this time.


Are dogs allowed?

Yes, dogs are allowed on leash in our outdoor seating area. We do not allow dogs indoors. 


Do you allow minors?

Absolutely, all ages are welcome in the Wine Study!


Can those who don’t drink partake in the experiences? 

Yes, we offer a discounted rate for children and adults who do not drink so that they can partake in the food portion of the tasting. Please contact us directly by email to make a reservation: 


Do you offer wines by the glass?

If time and space allows before the next table you are more than welcome to enjoy a glass or bottle of wine following your tasting. 


Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Yes, we can accommodate dietary restrictions with advance notice. After completing your reservation online you will have the opportunity to fill out a questionnaire with details regarding your visit. Please enter any restrictions here or reach out to us by email.


How long should I expect to stay during my visit? 

You should expect a tasting with snacks to take approximately 1 hour, a tasting with a full meal to take 1.5 hours, and the Cellar Tasting to take approximately 45mins.