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2017 Shot Across The Bow (Sangiovese Petillant Naturel)


We swore we weren’t going to make a Pet Nat this year, of all years. With so much going on building facilities, making wines in a new place, all logic was to avoid something so time senstive and demanding. It wasn’t the plan, but when a block of Sangiovese was picked a bit earlier than expected, we saw that we had the perfect makings of something fun. We’ll certainly get into telling the story of this vineyard once the rest of the wines come out, but know it’s one we’re very excited about. This wine was picked, pressed and fermented cool until it was ready to bottle on September 21st. It’s full of all kinds of texture and truly does showcase all sorts of red fruit flavors and smells from harvest. As opposed to past Pet Nat we did not disgorge this, so expect sediment at the bottom of the bottle and PLEASE CHILL THIS WINE COLD BEFORE OPENING (and maybe even have a glass at the ready).

Letkeman Family Vineyard

Harvested: August 23rd, 2017

Fermentations: wild yeast

Pressed: September 21st, 2017

Zero SO2

128 cases


2017 Shot Across The Bow (Sangiovese Petillant Naturel)