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2018 Light Up The Night (Skin Fermented Viognier)


Viognier has always been a head scratcher for us. Ultimately it's a variety that, more often than not, just lands with a thud. Naturally we were apprehensive when we set out to work with it at Robert Clay Vineyards. So we did what we always do in these situations, instead of barking up the same, typical white wine processing, we asked ourselves what was always missing, for us, from Viognier. The answer was and is structure. So instead of praying for the acid gods that so often can let down poor Viognier, we decided to lean into Viognier. So we destemmed the lot into a large 230 gallon barrel and fermented it on the skins for over 3 weeks. And we're so happy with the results. 

Don't expect a ton of the 'orange wine' characteristics, in this wine you'll find many of the hallmarks of Viognier but it's been plussed up, with an extra dose of lychee and gingerbread, and finishes with some snappy texture and acidity. We couldn't be happier, our apologies, Viognier. 


Variety: 100% Viognier

Vineyard: Robert Clay Vineyards

12.02% alcohol

24 cases


2018 Light Up The Night (Skin Fermented Viognier)