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2018 Same As It Ever Was (Chardonnay)


We know, we know, Texas Chardonnay? Just trust us on this. Some of the oldest vines (24 years!) at Robert Clay Vineyards, this vineyard deserved to be taken seriously.... it's been here in Texas longer than we have. So we made multiple picks and put it all together to ferment and age in a concrete egg. It was our longest fermentation lasting well into December. Our expectations have been blown away, all chalky honeysuckle that's braced with that lemon curd Chardonnay that we've come to love (yea, ok, we love well made Chardonnay). It's a bit startling how classic this wine is, while at the same time letting its own freak flag fly. 


Varietal: 100% Chardonnay

Vineyard: Robert Clay Vineyards


201 cases produced


2018 Same As It Ever Was (Chardonnay)