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Mutual Admiration Mini Package (375ml Mix 4 Bottle Pack)

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The Mutual Admiration Mini Package is our love letter to our fans, but also a vehicle for you to bring joy to those that you love. Think of it as a new release sample package (4 half bottles, ~2.5 glasses each). If you're new to us, it's a great way to try our wines without purchasing whole bottles. But it's also a great way to share wines with your friends and families who may not be familiar with Southold Farm + Cellar.

And in these times, who couldn't use a little note of love, appreciation or a virtual happy hour invitation from their friends or family?

For this set we're focused on our spring releases. Expect these wines to be on the brighter and lighter spectrum of drinking. Plenty of juiciness that will pair with so many of the things we like to eat from the spring through the summer! 

 375ml (Half) 4 Bottle package ships for $.01 / Shipping will begin April 8th, 2020