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We’re a small family winery on the North Fork. Our goal is to push the boundaries and explore the possibilities of winegrowing here from both a stylistic and varietal point of view. We grow nine acres of unique grape varieties not easily found out in these parts. We also source grapes from a certified organic grower, as well as from other great growers on the North Fork. Our hope is to make wines that speak of a place, speak of a year and, most importantly, wines that we want to drink. To be notified of future releases of the good stuff, join our mailing list.


Now Available At:

Gramercy  We are now proudly served at:  North Fork: The North Fork Table and Inn New York City: Gramercy Tavern, Kilo Wine Bar You can also find our wines at these awesome establishments: Empire State Cellars – Riverhead Vine Wine – Williamsburg

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Behind the curtain.

As we stated when we first started this endeavor, one of our main tenets was to be transparent. This can be approached in many ways in wine, some folks put ingredients on labels, some are vocal about their methods and others will disclose once asked. All are fine and for each wine producer, that decision is theirs.   For us, we look at transparency as something more than disclosing whatever information we believe someone who buys our wine might want (or need) to know. We want to bring you along in our and the wine’s journey and with any journey

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Winery Ghosts.

IMG_2427Working at and checking in with folks at all the different wineries up and down the North Fork has exposed us to quite a bit lately. The different techniques and the confidence in individual style vs. following what everyone else is doing has been invigorating. And as we’ve stumbled throughout the region, we often find ourselves face to face with what we like to call Winery Ghosts.   As owners of a “yet to bottle or sell any wine” winery we think just as much about how we’ll pay our bills and keep moving forward 5 years down the road,

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