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Welcome to Southold

A vineyard, farm and home on a ridge in the Texas Hill Country

We grow and make wine with our hands

our mission

wine that speaks of time and place

We are and always will be a winery whose sole mission is to make wines that speak of place and time, that thrill and delight our friends, family and ourselves. In order to do so, our winemaking decisions are dictated by what has happened during that season, not stylistic emulation of other regions or forced consistency.

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the ridge society

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kind words

Despite the hardships, the wines, made with indigenous yeasts and minimal amounts of the preservative sulfur dioxide, have been beautiful.

Eric Asimov, The New York Times

Southold’s wines are the type of juicy, refreshing, hard-to-stop-drinking wine with explosive aromatics that I usually look toward Beaujolais or the Loire Valley to find.

Steven Dilley, Food & Wine Sommelier of the Year

Meador is now helping to lead a new generation of Texas winemakers and setting the tone for the next chapter of the state’s wine journey.

Jessica Dupuy, Texas Monthly